“What Did You See?”

lost patientYou’ve responded to that ‘bad call’ before. You did what you had to do, and everything is fine. In fact, when your partner, brother or sister in the service, even your spouse or loved one asks about it, your response is, “I’m fine.”

If you change the oil in your engine regularly, if you change the filters in your house regularly, then you understand how a little bit of bad stuff combines with a little bit of other bad stuff until, eventually, there’s a whole lot of bad stuff.

CISM is not a four-letter word. Criticial Incident Stress Management is simply cleaning out your filter. Listen to the stories of others who realized that what they were experiencing was not something to be bottled up and held in.

From FDIC.com, here is a list of some support and information resources:

Crisis Lines and Online Supports.

  • First Responder specific, Safe Call Now- safecallnow.org, 206-459-3020
  • Firestrong, firefighter online- http://www.firestrong.org
  • National Programs on Suicide: http://www.suicide.org or 1-800-SUICIDE
  • National suicide prevention lifeline- 800-273-8255

Resources and Sources of Information

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