But He Did

corbinStaff Sergeant Mitchell Corbin, an aerospace technician with the Texas Air National Guard, was on Sam Houston Parkway in Houston, when he saw an overturned vehicle with flames coming from the engine. He also realized a woman was trapped inside. That’s when Mitchell’s military training kicked in.

“Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit.” —Luke 12:35

Mitchell Corbin stands atop Nancy Decker’s car trying to get her out

“I knew that none of the doors were opening, so I had to break the window,” he said. Mitchell stood atop the vehicle and managed to strike the window until the glass folded in. By that time, the fire had tripled in size with smoke and heat billowing from the engine.

“I told her I needed her to lift her hands for me to help her,” he said. An onlooker jumped up onto the car and they both pulled the woman out.

accident2“It’s like a dream,” she said. “I don’t remember any of it. I felt someone pulling me and I heard a soft voice say, ‘watch out for the glass.’” Mitchell carried her a few yards away and administered aid. As paramedics arrived, Mitchell went back to his car and drove on. It took a while for his identity to be discovered for Nancy Decker to thank him.

“I admire and respect the military and their training, There were other people there who did not know what to do, but he did. His training helped, but it was his heart that made him stop to help me,” she said.

The heart, the training, and the need all come together to save a life. It happens multiple times a day, and all who serve, never know the day it may come. Stay ready. Stay strong.

SAVIOR, I want to respond to Your call and be where You want me to be, doing what You want me to be doing. Lead me today.

A daily devotion fromstrength for service

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