We Need You Operational

rehab“I just need to catch my breath.”

Ever heard yourself say those words? In his article “Rehab Units Prevent Near Misses” on FirefighterNation.com, Health and Safety Officer and Incident Safety Officer  John B. Tippett Jr. explains – and gives two real-life examples – of how going down at the fire scene can be avoided.

“Nobody wants to be the first to quit, so members may push themselves beyond what’s safe just to feel like they’re carrying their fair share of the load.”

Captain Homer Robertson points out that effective rehab starts before the incident. Are you drinking enough water? Probably not. See what else can keep you Free From The Fire in his article “Tips for Effective Fireground Rehab,” also on FirefighterNation.com. Take a few minutes to read both.

I dare you.


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