Blood: Water Mission

jars of clayThe award-winning Christian band Jars of Clay wanted to respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. They shared stories of creative, compassionate, hard-working Africans who were bringing health, hope, and healing into their respective communities.

And let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, “Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.” —John 7:38

bwmBlood: Water Mission was born with a simple mission—to provide a clean blood supply and clean water to Africa.

To start, the band launched the 1,000 Wells Project to provide clean water and sanitation to 1,000 communities in sub-Saharan Africa. The effort was based on the equation that $1 provides one African with clean water for an entire year.

Millions of dollars have been raised by tens of thousands of individuals seeking to make a difference. To date, more than 1,000 communities in Africa now have life-saving water and health care. The effort has helped over 600,000 people in 13 different countries.

The work continues to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene training. Funds are raised for health clinics, community health workers, and groups that help in the prevention and treatment of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

It’s a new day in many areas where village leaders now have the resources and training to bring clean water, sanitation, and health care into their communities. Stomachaches, skin diseases and diarrhea have disappeared. Women and children no longer walk several miles a day to carry filthy water. Those with HIV are living longer, stronger lives.

We all have a God-given platform. Some are just bigger than others. But if we all take responsibility for our circle of influence, we can change lives forever and impact a lost and dying world.

GREAT PHYSICIAN, thank You for both physical water and Living Water that You provide. May I take neither for granted as I seek to make a change in this world.

A daily devotion fromstrength for service


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