The Presidents’ Pastor

Evangelist Billy Graham

Every U.S. president since World War II has met with Billy Graham. Both Johnson and Nixon offered him high positions in government, but Graham quickly and graciously refused.

There was a religious side to Lyndon Johnson that people did not know. Billy was probably closer to Johnson than to any other president. He spent more than twenty nights at the White House during Johnson’s administration. Every time Billy would say to him, “Let’s have a prayer,” the president would get on his knees to pray.

“For God shows no partiality.” —Romans 2:11

bg2In a letter to Graham, Johnson wrote, “My mind went back to those lonely occasions at the White House when your friendship helped to sustain a president in an hour of trial.”

Billy met Ronald Reagan a year after he married Nancy. The two remained close friends. “I remember when Reagan was president of the Screen Actors Guild, a union leader, and a very strong Democrat,” bg3Billy said.

On March 30, 1981, after the assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life, Billy flew immediately to Washington, D.C., to comfort and pray with Mrs. Reagan, and do anything he could for the president.

bg4Reagan said of Graham, “It was through Billy Graham that I found myself praying even more than on a daily basis, and that in the position I held, that my prayers more and more were to give me the wisdom to make decisions that would serve God and be pleasing to Him.”

Remember, that to God, every person is equally valuable. And some of those—only You can reach. The same Spirit in Billy Graham can work through You too.

HEAVENLY GUIDE, help me to realize that there are people that You want to reach through me. I want to be available to You, for them.

A daily devotion from strength for service

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