Long After We Leave

40Navy Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 40, along with four containers of tools and equipment, arrived in Vietnam to support Pacific Partnership—a humanitarian and civic assistance mission in the Asia Pacific region.

“He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.” —Psalm 25:9

“Our mission was to construct a four-room health clinic in one of the most impoverished communities in the country and renovate two other clinic buildings,” said Senior Chief Builder Todd Bernashe, assistant officer-in-charge.

This was the first deployment for many team members.

“After all was said and done, there were 22 Seabees to conduct a mission originally intended for 25,” he said. “After our departure flight was pushed back for the third time, there were 29 days to complete what was originally planned for 34.”

The Seabees worked seven days a week for long hours, working in over 100 degree weather with high humidity while wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants to prevent against insect-borne illnesses.

“It’s hot out here, but to be a part of something that will help the members in this community long after we leave means something,” said Builder 1st Class David Garcia.

“The work of the Fighting Forty in Hung Lam and Hung Tam will serve the communities for many years to come. The finished product of our efforts will be part of our legacy,” said Engineering Aide Third Class Kyle Jeffreys.

What kind of teammate are you? Do you work toward the common good of the group? Do you put the others before yourself? God’s Spirit can provide the ability and strength to step back, look up, and reach out.

HOLY ONE, when I want my way, draw me to give way to Yours. When I put me first, nudge me to step behind my team.

A daily devotion fromstrength for service

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