Be a Game Changer

detroit ffDuring the economic recession of the past few years, firefighters have battled blazes in foreclosed and abandoned homes.

Often a home is fully ablaze and threatening other homes or structures before anyone realizes it.

Go also the second mile.”—Matthew 5:41b

burning homeThe city of Detroit has had a particularly difficult bout with these blazes, creating a heavier workload. But this hasn’t hindered the first responder’s desire to save property and lives.

One Detroit man escaped from his home when a fire broke out.

dogAs firemen arrived, the man realized his two dogs were trapped inside. He frantically urged the firemen to go in and rescue his dogs.

Moments later, firefighters brought out two dog2dogs. “You’re going to have to stand back, sir,” the men told the animals’ owner.

The man, emotional, pets them, trying to see any sign of life, but they do not respond.

Then, one of the firefighters kneels down redudc dogsand takes off his air supply and puts it over the snout of the animals, one at a time. Within a few minutes, both dogs begin to respond, open their eyes, and breathe again on their own. The dogs’ owner stretches out his hand to the firefighter, thanking him for saving the lives of his beloved friends.

dog3This level of attention and care is what makes firefighters—as all first responders—heroes. The fireman in this story cared about the man’s life and his loss. His actions changed the outcome of the story. He was a game changer.

What story will God use you to change today? Pay attention—and care. It’s always worth it.

FAITHFUL ONE, there are stories out there that I will be able to change how they end. Guide me, lead me, to watch and stay ready to be where You want, to do what You want.

A daily devotion fromstrength for service

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