Diffusing Pain

Mark Burleson was a Marine Staff Sergeant in Afghanistan when a bomb blast left him with severe burns, shattered bones, and a brain injury. Mark’s right arm was gone below the elbow and his left arm was paralyzed.

“Relieve the troubles of my heart, and bring me out of my distress. Consider my affliction and my trouble.” —Psalm 25:17-18a

Marc Burleson“All the nerves were ripped from my spinal cord at the root,” he said. “It felt like someone was lighting my arm on fire with a cutting torch.”

Seeking relief, Mark signed up for dangerous surgery.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Allan Belzberg agreed to try a high-risk surgery.

burleson2“We only use it when we’ve exhausted all other options. If you’re the slightest bit off, you paralyze his leg,” the doctor said.

Using a microscope and a tiny electrode, Dr. Belzberg made 140 burns in damaged nerves dangling from Mark’s spinal cord; the nerves intermixed with healthy connections to his lower limbs.

Neurosurgeon Allan Belzberg

The surgery went smoothly and one week later, Mark said he felt as if he was given a new start on life, although he remained hospitalized for a year.

Mark struggled to find the words to thank the doctor, saying, “I love the man. I would do anything for him.”

“This is a guy who is so tough he diffuses bombs for a living,” said Dr. Belzberg. “He’s the real hero.”

The lifelong sacrifices that so many of our veterans and their families have undergone are unimaginable.

Pray today for all those veterans and current military who are hurt, disabled, and living with chronic pain. Ask God for comfort, strength, and relief in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

DIVINE HEALER, comfort, strengthen, and bring miraculous relief to all those who have served our country and suffer today. Touch them and their families.

A daily devotion fromstrength for service

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