Addition, Not Division

bg1Every U.S. President since World War II through Barack Obama has met with Billy Graham. Billy said he found President George H.W. Bush easy to talk to about spiritual issues. “He said straight out that he has received Christ as his Savior and that he is a born-again believer,” said Billy.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith.” —Romans 1:16a

bg2Billy was with President and Barbara Bush at the White House in 1991, the night that the Gulf War began.

“Billy Graham has been an inspiration in my life,” said President Bush. “It is my firm belief that no one can be president without understanding the power of prayer, without faith. And Billy Graham helped me understand that.”

Billy Graham made a deep impression on William J. Clinton when he was a young boy. President Clinton recalled, “When I was a small boy, about 12 years old, bg3Billy Graham came to Little Rock, Ark., to preach a crusade.” President Clinton was impressed by Billy Graham’s refusal to segregate the audience racially.

When he was governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton joined Billy Graham at a Little Rock crusade. Billy also visited Clinton in the Oval Office when he was president.

bg4President Clinton said, “Billy and Ruth Graham have practiced the ministry of being friends with presidents of both parties, always completely private, always completely genuine.”

Billy Graham has long understood that God loves people—regardless of any divisions or walls we may create between us. God wants all people to know Him—to focus on the common ground, not the dividing lines.

LORD OF ALL, while there are certainly boundaries I should respect, help me to see people as You see them and treat all with that respect and care.

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