Unlikely Alliance

nogalesAt the Arizona-Mexico border, U.S. Border Patrol agents and Mexican federal police officers are training together, sharing intelligence, and coordinating patrols for the first time. This historic partnership is designed to impact the northbound flow of drugs and migrants and the southbound shipments of guns and cash. The crackdown involves hundreds of U.S. and Mexican officers in the border’s busiest smuggling corridor.

“Therefore we ought to support such people, so that we may become co-workers with the truth.” —3 John 1:8

mpf“We are planting a seed of bi-national cooperation that interests all of us,” Commander Armando Treviño, who leads the Mexican federal police contingent in the state of Sonora, said. “We are fighting a common enemy. We are going to work together like friends, like comrades, like brothers.”

But the unprecedented effort faces many tough obstacles: violent drug cartels, reluctance to interfere with illegal immigration, and a legacy of corruption.

U.S. and Mexican officers both admit the alliance would have been hard to imagine a few years ago. “It’s historic,” Captain Eduardo Peña said. “15 years ago, there were bad feuds between the federal police and the border patrol. There was a bad image, the old ugly image of the border patrol. But now there is a new partnership. Good citizens won’t dislike this collaboration. Criminals will dislike it.”

To get things done in the world, addition and multiplication have always been better than subtraction and division. In your area of service, are there alliances you could form to improve your reach and effectiveness? Is there a line that could be crossed to expand how the public is served? Some boundaries are for protection, while others are just limiting; wisdom is deciding which is which.

LORD OF ALL, strengthen me to add to any situation I can and stay away from division. Give me courage to respect healthy boundaries, but to cross unnecessary lines.

strength for service

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