In the Storm

decker1When the Deckers built their dream home, like many families, they allowed their kids to put their initials in the freshly poured concrete, recalling, “We’re never going to be leaving here.” But, on this particular day their home would be forever changed.

“He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.” —Psalm 91:4

Snow fell after the storm on the ruins of the Decker home in Indiana.

A massive tornado passed right over their home. Mom Stephanie had been able to get herself and her two children, Dominic, 8, and Reese, 5, into the basement and covered with a comforter as it hit.

“I could see the wind. I could see the window blow out and the house burst,” Stephanie recalled. She covered her children with her own body, as the house decker3collapsed and debris fell on them. She continued, “I knew my leg was barely attached or it was severed. I didn’t know which, but I knew it was bad. If I didn’t get help soon, I was going to bleed out.”

After the storm passed, Dominic crawled out from under his mom and ran to get help.

decker4Stephanie was determined to keep her kids safe and her actions saved both their lives. But the cost was great. Their home was destroyed and both of her legs had to be amputated—one just below the knee and the other just above the knee.

There is no other love on Earth quite like a mom for her children. It is deep and intense, to the point of sacrifice of life—and limbs. But like the names etched in the concrete in the foundation of their home, this story represents the solid foundation of a family’s love.

MIGHTY FORTRESS, I know there are so many times when You have covered me in protection in ways I may never know. Help me today to love with that kind of relentless love, as a mother for her children.

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