Right Place, Right Time

brenda mccalisterBrenda McCallister is an EMT in Atlanta, Ga. She was off-duty and attending her son’s t-ball game.

Six-year-old Ethan Vose was playing ball on a nearby field when he was struck in the chest with a bat and was knocked out cold. Bystanders saw no movement and began screaming for help.

“The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; he is their refuge in the time of trouble.” —Psalm 37:39

ethanBrenda ran to Ethan and began to administer CPR. After two minutes, the boy revived. Paramedics soon arrived and transported Ethan to a hospital, still in critical condition, but alive.

A local journalist said Brenda was “the right person in the heatherright place at the right time.”

But what if Brenda had never received her EMT training? How might Ethan’s story be different? What if she had left just minutes before the accident? What if she had been on-duty and waiting at the station for the call? Would it have bradbeen too late?

We hear many instances where someone with the right training was at the right place just when he/she was needed to save a life. Whether that may be an EMT, police officer, fireman, or doctor, every day, highly trained people who are brenda1“off duty” save the lives of others.

Thank God the same kind of person who will be trained to save lives never decides to be unavailable when needed. If that were the case, Ethan’s life might not have been saved. And the same is true with thousands of survivors, saved by trained personnel.

Whatever your expertise, being on duty 24/7 can be a burden, but it is also one to which you are owed a great debt of gratitude by society.

MERCIFUL GOD, though we will never understand why some lives are saved, while others are lost, we know You produce miracles every day, using every day people just like myself. Thank You that You are always on-duty and never sleep. You are always watching over us.

A daily devotion fromstrength

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