Be Prepared

alexander beaumontAlexander Beaumont, a Boy Scout, was working on his Eagle Scout project in his hometown of Queen Anne, Wash. Two years prior, Alexander and his dad had brainstormed about potential projects with the chairman of the emergency preparedness committee of the local council. The chairman told Alexander how he needed volunteers to run emergency radio communication in Queen Anne and surrounding communities in the event of a disaster.

“Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” —1 Timothy 4:12

If cell towers, landlines, Internet, and traditional communication were ever disrupted, there had to be a plan to connect first responders.

HAMAlexander engaged his entire troop to train in ham radio communication and created an instructional video for local residents. He also worked with the Seattle Office of Emergency Management in four citywide drills to practice communications during simulated disaster scenarios.

Alexander set up booths at community events, dispensing information to the community. He also set up a Facebook page dedicated to helping area residents know their disaster plans and how to communicate during such an event.

His dad commented, “Alexander has signed up to be the first responder for the first responders.” The American Red Cross gave Alexander a Youth Service in Action Hero award—recognizing his work in the community that could most definitely save lives one day.

In this world, there have always been pioneers and settlers—those who blaze the trail and those who follow to join them. The world needs both, yet someone always has to decide to blaze the trail that has yet to be traveled.

MERCIFUL GOD, communication is such a vital aspect of service. Teach me to open my mouth when I should and listen when I should. Help me to respond as I should, as You would have me.

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