100 Rounds

joey ramosJoey Ramos and his buddy decided to go fishing from their kayaks on the Nueces River. Paddling down the river as the sun began to set, they saw four men on the banks, drinking beer. They later commented to each other how strange and unfriendly the group seemed.

“He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul. He leads me in right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me.” —Psalm 23:2b-4a

The two men found their spot and stood up in their kayaks to begin casting. It was now dark, but the moon was bright. Suddenly the crack of a high-powered rifle broke the silence. They immediately began to paddle away. Just then, more shots rang out. They heard the bullets whizzing past, hitting the water. “We beached on the bank and hid behind the kayaks,” Joey recalled. The pair clung to their boats, cold, muddy, and terrified, while gunfire continued.

nueces river“I called 911 and tried to get them to get the coordinates off our cell phones,” Joey said. A dispatcher suggested they contact Texas Parks & Wildlife game Warden Kevin Mitchell. Joey called Kevin. “He knew exactly where we were and he said he was on his way.” Gunshots went on for the next half-hour, while they waited.

Kevin told Joey to shine a flashlight into the sky when he heard his pickup approach. They floated across the river when Kevin arrived and jumped into his truck, as they heard two final shots. Joey estimates 100 rounds were fired at them. Thanks to the game warden’s intimate knowledge of the river and the area, both men were rescued without harm.

Active service, coupled with experience and expertise, is invaluable to serving and saving lives.

SAVIOR, in this world today, evil is all around, in so many forms. Help me to be wise and discerning when I am in its presence, but help me also to stand strong in boldness and strength by Your power.

A daily devotion fromstrength

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