Perfect Timing

chaconIt was a quiet late afternoon at the mobile home park with kids playing in the streets. 24-year-old mechanic, husband, and father of two, Diaz Chacon, had gotten off work early to spend time with his family.

“You will not fear the terror of the night, or the arrow that flies by day, or the pestilence that stalks in darkness, or the destruction that wastes at noonday.” —Psalm 91:5-6

chacon3Diaz’s wife tells the story, “We heard a man going, ‘Hey, let her go! Let her go!’ A man comes running to us and said, ‘Men in a blue van just stole a little girl.’”

Diaz jumped in his black pickup and gave chase. After he caught up with the van, the chacon5driver crashed, and ran away. Diaz went to the van, picked up the 6-year-old girl cowering in the floorboard, and told her he would take her back home. Later when the assailant returned to the van, police arrested him for kidnapping, child abuse, and tampering with evidence.

Police Sergeant Tricia Hoffman said, “We can only guess what would have happened chacon4to this child. Throughout the county, we see situations like this and they do not typically end well.”

Diaz said he thought of his own two girls—7 years old and 5 months—and how he would want someone to do the same for him. Martha Diaz said she was grateful that a parent’s worst nightmare did not happen that day.

“Everything just worked out,” she said, referring to the perfect timing of that afternoon. “Even now we say, ‘What if we hadn’t been there? What if he would have been two minutes earlier.’” But thanks to every-day heroes like Diaz Chacon, that question doesn’t have to be answered.

Always remember—God only asks us to be available. Timing and results are best left up to Him.

MERCIFUL GOD, miracles and “perfect timing” happen every day. Thank You that You can give everyday people the strength and ability to do heroic things. Guide me today as I walk in this world to watch out for others.

A daily devotion fromstrength

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