You Inspire Us

HENRYVILLECountry music super-group Lady Antebellum decided to put on a contest where they would give a free prom appearance to a winning high school.

The small town of Henryville, Ind., had been devastated by a 175 mph twister that leveled the local high school.

“Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the friends, even though they are strangers to you.” —3 John 1:5

When some of the students found out about the band’s contest, they launched a campaign to win. This got Lady Antebellum’s attention and they decided to put on a benefit concert to help raise money for the town.

lady antebellumAlthough the platinum selling band couldn’t make it to Henryville’s actual prom, the school’s 188 juniors and seniors and their dates attended a private “mini-prom” the night before the concert, where the band performed as well.

Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum told the la studentscrowd, “Each and every one of you inspired us.” The band even brought a few students on stage to dance. For one night, the teens were able to forget about the tragedy and celebrate their achievement.

The following night—ten weeks after the tragedy struck—the band played a special show in nearby Louisville, Ky., and raised $235,000 for the citizens of Henryville.

Artists and celebrities like this band have a major stage from which to raise both money and awareness, but we must remember that we all have some sort of platform and circle of influence.

It can be tempting to think of all we would do if we had money and fame, but the truth is, our character determines what we do with a little or a lot, not our pocketbook or platform.

PROVIDER, thank You that we don’t have to question if You will be faithful. No matter what we do, You are constant. Help me to use the platform You give me for good and to grow in my reach toward people—friends or strangers.

A daily devotion fromstrength


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