Everyday Dangers

In 1997, Fred Baker was a senior corrections officer at Bayside State Prison in New Jersey. An inmate ended his life by fatally stabbing him.

Fifteen years later, to the day, his family was gathered around Acting Governor Kim Guadagno and Assemblyman Nelson Albano to sign a bill titled “Fred Baker’s Law,” making July 30 an annual recognition in New Jersey of Corrections Officer’s Day.

You will know them by their fruits. —Matthew 7:16a

“It is truly my honor to have some small part in making sure your son’s honored yet again,” said Governor Guadagno. “I do know the dangers corrections officers face and I wanted to thank them publicly, in a public hearing for their great sacrifices.”

“I am so happy,” said Fred Baker, Sr. “This is great for all the officers. It’s not just for Freddy, but for everyone.”

Since Baker’s death, much has been done in his name to help protect corrections officers in New Jersey, such as to require that all must wear stab-proof vests on the job.

“You need to know the dangers that these men and women face every day,” said Governor Guadagno. “You need to know that they are truly our unsung heroes.” Guadagno knows firsthand what corrections officers do, as she oversaw operations at the county jail, when she was the sheriff of Monmouth County.

Senseless deaths happen daily to law enforcement officials, military personnel, and first responders. But all who know the fallen brothers or sisters also know they would be pleased that they brought a positive impact to the world. That is the point of sacrifice.

COUNSELOR, bless and comfort all the families that have lost a loved one to the war abroad or the war on our own streets.

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