About Chaplain 81

fire chaplainReady, willing and able to do whatever we can to take care of our First Responders. Chaplain Brian Whaley and Chaplain Jimmy Hoppa are both trained firefighters, whose primary goal is to provide the members and families of the Laurel (DE) Fire Department with whatever they need in the way of support.

For members of 81, it’s important to understand that both chaplains’ duties 001are described by specific S.O.G./S.O.P. that explain everything is in the strictest confidence. Unless we are given permission, what is said to us stays with us, regardless of what officer or board member asks to know more.

There are only three exceptions: A) the member is a threat to himself/herself, B) to someone else or C) the community. Then – in the interest of the safety of all those involved – we are required to let our officers know what’s going on.

FreeFromTheFire.com is a resource center for any and all First Responders who may be trying to cope with alcohol or substance abuse, relationship difficulties and even thoughts of suicide. Under the “About Chaplain 81” tab is a complete list of certified and qualified counselors to address any and all needs. This list is frequently being updated, so if you don’t see what you’re after, check again later.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re willing to do anything we can to keep you Free From The Fire.

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