Don’t Ask Me That Question

It’s hard for someone who is not an emergency responder to understand what one truly is, what one truly does. It’s not always what it looks like, and civilians don’t know what they don’t know. J.C. is a career firefighter who is asked – again – about the worst thing he’s ever seen. His answer, posted on, […]

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Moving On to the Next One

A recent story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel looked at how some local firefighters coped with the psychological trauma of the job. The piece focuses on Lance Johnson and how he tries to compartmentalize his work so as to avoid taking it home with him. From, here is a list of some support and information […]

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Your Job Description

You run into burning buildings. You crawl into tiny unstable spaces. You tear apart glass and steel with your hands and tools. You stop blood jetting from their body. You establish an airway for the sweet taste of fresh air. You help someone who needs help. But no one expects you to stow away all […]

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We’ve Lost Another

Even if you are not feeling the stress and strain right now, that unfortunately doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t, or that you won’t in the future. Know the signs – look at yourself – look at your coworkers. Let’s not lose another. Kansas City Firefighter takes his own life between fire house and neighboring residence. […]

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“Beyond the Call”

This is the full 20 minute version of “Beyond The Call.” This is a very personal and emotional video – please be aware this will trigger many emotions for those who watch it. The London Professional Fire Fighters Association, the London Fire Department and Fanshawe College release a video to the public, other fire departments […]

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We Need You Operational

“I just need to catch my breath.” Ever heard yourself say those words? In his article “Rehab Units Prevent Near Misses” on, Health and Safety Officer and Incident Safety Officer  John B. Tippett Jr. explains – and gives two real-life examples – of how going down at the fire scene can be avoided. “Nobody […]

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