Your Job Description

You run into burning buildings. You crawl into tiny unstable spaces. You tear apart glass and steel with your hands and tools. You stop blood jetting from their body. You establish an airway for the sweet taste of fresh air. You help someone who needs help. But no one expects you to stow away all […]

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“What Did You See?”

You’ve responded to that ‘bad call’ before. You did what you had to do, and everything is fine. In fact, when your partner, brother or sister in the service, even your spouse or loved one asks about it, your response is, “I’m fine.” If you change the oil in your engine regularly, if you change […]

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The Adventure of Hobbes

You can’t make this stuff up. It started with airport staff. It spread to local police and fire. And everywhere Hobbes went, someone was snapping pictures.  Wait until you see what Owen now has, thanks to ordinary people doing extraordinary things for a six-year-old boy who thought his best friend was gone. “The Adventure of […]

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“I’m Fine!! Why?!!”

“We all bring our personal issues to the firehouse from time to time – that’s being human. But when it’s a constant distraction and interfering with day to day, safety, or tactical considerations then you’ve got a problem. Try to leave home at home, and the firehouse at the firehouse.” – Fire Engineering Magazine The […]

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