Your Job Description

You run into burning buildings. You crawl into tiny unstable spaces. You tear apart glass and steel with your hands and tools. You stop blood jetting from their body. You establish an airway for the sweet taste of fresh air. You help someone who needs help. But no one expects you to stow away all […]

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“Denial” Isn’t a River

The personality profile of an emergency first responder describes the individual as having “high control needs,” meaning they value being in control of a situation. “I’ve got this,” or “It’s not a problem,” are just a couple of the phrases frequently heard from this personality type. It can lead to a person’s downfall, however, in dangerous […]

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Finding the Hidden Fire

Fire isn’t always obvious. Sometime there’s no smoke showing. Sometimes you know logically there’s a very good chance of extension, simply because of exposure. Sometimes you know intuitively something just isn’t ‘right’ because you can feel the heat. What you know for sure is that you’ve got to do a little overhaul to find the hidden […]

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You’re a Liar

If we can handle the heat, we can handle this. If we can handle the blood, we can handle this. If we can handle the loss of life, we can handle this. If we can handle a hundred pounds of gear, we can handle this. Integrity is a mandate for First Responders, so if I […]

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Have You Said These Words?

“That was a bad call. Just one, to take the edge off.” “We’re going out after shift – and the candidate says he got some good stuff!” “I don’t have a problem – I can stop whenever I want; I just don’t want to right now.” There is no argument that First Responders see things that […]

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