Your Job Description

You run into burning buildings. You crawl into tiny unstable spaces. You tear apart glass and steel with your hands and tools. You stop blood jetting from their body. You establish an airway for the sweet taste of fresh air. You help someone who needs help. But no one expects you to stow away all […]

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We’ve Lost Another

Even if you are not feeling the stress and strain right now, that unfortunately doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t, or that you won’t in the future. Know the signs – look at yourself – look at your coworkers. Let’s not lose another. Kansas City Firefighter takes his own life between fire house and neighboring residence. […]

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To Speak or Not to Speak…

“Suicide” – a word that brings many different emotions to the surface: anger, fear, confusion… just to name a few. But “impossible” doesn’t have to be one. This article from offers somewhere to start. It’s not impossible – you can be Free From The Fire. After there’s been an attempt, there are certain things […]

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The Beast in Hiding

How often are the questions asked – “Was there something I should have caught?” “Could I have done something that would have made a difference?” “How could this happen?” According to Retired Fire Captain Jeff Dill and the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, there have been 71 firefighter suicides in 2015 alone. That number will rise […]

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Breaking Through the Shadows

According to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, nearly 600 EMS and firefighter suicides have been documented since 2012. More and more suicides. More and more apathy. What will it take to better acknowledge, understand and reach the First Responders who see, hear, smell, taste and experience life and death, pain and agony, and even the […]

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When Little Ones Mean the Most

More than 680 people were in Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Building in 1995 – dozens of them were children in the daycare center – when a horrific explosion obliterated the face of the building. “The Field of Chairs” memorializes the 168 lives snuffed out on that April morning. Nineteen of those lost were children. […]

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Finding the Hidden Fire

Fire isn’t always obvious. Sometime there’s no smoke showing. Sometimes you know logically there’s a very good chance of extension, simply because of exposure. Sometimes you know intuitively something just isn’t ‘right’ because you can feel the heat. What you know for sure is that you’ve got to do a little overhaul to find the hidden […]

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