That Was The Way He Was

Sergeant Dennis Weichel, 29, of the Rhode Island National Guard, was riding in a convoy in eastern Afghanistan when some children were spotted in the road ahead, picking up shell casings, which are recycled for money. The soldiers in the convoy got out of their vehicles to get the children out of the way of […]

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Give Up on Nobody

Warren Buffett, whose net worth is estimated at over $40 billion, has pledged that his money will go to charity when he dies. But he’s also funneling millions to charity now—simply by selling a lunch meeting. In 2000, Buffett began the annual auction on eBay with the proceeds going to the Glide Foundation, an organization […]

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To Give His Life

Ever stopped to think why it feels so good to serve others? To do good for our communities and be a positive influence in society? Why is there a natural sense of wanting to help and feel the satisfaction of knowing we have contributed for someone else’s gain. A mother came to Jesus one day […]

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Soles & Souls

Several years ago, young entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie founded his own company called TOMS Shoes. While competing on the second season of the TV show The Amazing Race with his sister in Argentina, he noticed a style of shoe there called “alpargata.” He started wearing these shoes while there. At the same time, as he went […]

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A Hero’s Homecoming

Just four months into the war in Iraq, a Humvee was leading a convoy of soldiers between Ar Ramadi and Fallujah when an improvised explosive device exploded as the vehicle rolled over it. As the blast blew through the armor, Captain Josh Byers, 29, called out, “Sergeant, we’ve hit an IED. Keep moving forward!” The […]

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New Beginnings

If you and a friend walk out into a field, each with a rifle, and one of you said, “I bet I’m a better shot than you. Let’s start shooting and see who can hit something.” Of course, that would be ridiculous, but don’t we often approach life exactly like that? Now, if you said […]

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