The End of the World

Edward Waszkiewicz told USA Today that in 1941 he saw three planes swoop down onto a row of eight U.S. battleships in Pearl Harbor stating, “Then all hell broke loose. That’s when the war really started.” Read the story of what this heroic firefighter did then.

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New Beginnings

If you and a friend walk out into a field, each with a rifle, and one of you said, “I bet I’m a better shot than you. Let’s start shooting and see who can hit something.” Of course, that would be ridiculous, but don’t we often approach life exactly like that? Now, if you said […]

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Moving On to the Next One

A recent story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel looked at how some local firefighters coped with the psychological trauma of the job. The piece focuses on Lance Johnson and how he tries to compartmentalize his work so as to avoid taking it home with him. From, here is a list of some support and information […]

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It Was a Very Good Day

The Baltimore County Fire Department responded to a fire at an apartment building in Parkville, Maryland. Thankfully, the firefighters were able to quickly contain the flames and rescue the family puppy. Firefighter Walter Sanders was photographed carrying the “smiling” pooch out of the burning building to safety.

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