Don’t Ask Me That Question

It’s hard for someone who is not an emergency responder to understand what one truly is, what one truly does. It’s not always what it looks like, and civilians don’t know what they don’t know. J.C. is a career firefighter who is asked – again – about the worst thing he’s ever seen. His answer, posted on, […]

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“If It Eats, It Bites”

That’s Will Wyatt’s Rule of Thumb. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, dog bites send nearly 368,000 victims to hospital emergency departments per year, That’s over a thousand each and every day. “The answer I usually get is he or she doesn’t bite. Well, about that.” Man’s Best Friend – from a […]

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Talk It Out

Trying to keep his seven children warm, Rodney Todd started a generator to supply the home with power. He kissed the baby of the family, Tybreia – who just celebrated her 6th birthday – good night, and told his eldest, 16-year-old Cameron, to not stay up too late. Cameron’s 7-year-old brother and five sisters ranging […]

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Your Gear at the Door

While Station 81 in Laurel, Delaware, may not be the busiest fire department in the country (432 fire alarms and just short of 2,000 EMS calls in 2014), it is still every bit as important for both career and volunteer members to be able to “disconnect” and spend quality time with family. Jane Collingwood talks […]

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